Design Guidelines

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About the
Design Guidelines

These Design Guidelines have been prepared by Abiwood Creekside Pty Ltd (Abiwood) as the developer of the Pinnacle estate in order to shape the form and enhance the character of the estate. Our aim is to achieve a consistently high quality of design for both homes and landscaping across all stages of the development thereby contributing to the quality of your local environment and preserving the value of your investment, without additional costs.

The Design Guidelines do not apply where more than one dwelling is to be constructed on a lot.

As Pinnacle has evolved, so have our Design Guidelines as we continue to strive for high quality outcomes within the estate. With many people requiring greater direction for what is required on our Sloping Lots, the Pinnacle Design Guidelines and associated Checklist (V5, May 2021) have been revised to set out further controls for those lots. We also strive to continue to improve the outcome for our Traditional Lots.

The Design Guidelines relevant to your land depend on which stage of Pinnacle it is located. Please make sure you have consideration of the relevant Guidelines. If you are perusing the Guidelines to understand what would be expected should you purchase at Pinnacle, please review version 5, May 2021.