Abiwood Creekside Pty Ltd is committed to providing a sustainable community at Pinnacle, an enjoyable place for people to live, work and play. Public spaces and streets are designed to allow residents and visitors to move safely and easily throughout the area whether walking, cycling or driving.

With extensive parklands within the western portion of the estate having direct street connections to the major activity precinct to the east, which will provide shopping, entertainment, community and recreational facilities, everything will be within walking distance.

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Being Ballarat's first Environmentally Accredited Development under the Urban Development Institute of Australia's (UDIAs) EnviroDevelopment program, Pinnacle is setting new benchmarks for the creation of sustainable and high quality communities.

With certification achieved under all six (6) leaves (key elements shown above), Pinnacle is set to provide for a healthy and rewarding lifestyle for its residents. To find out more about each of these leaves, how you can contribute to the Pinnacle lifestyle and improve your environment by incorporating cost-effective sustainable practices into your home and what is happening in your area, click on the leaves above.

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